Mission and Objectives

Mission and Objectives

Establish locally and globally an atmosphere creating always better rotarian fellowship among all members of the family of Rotary who have joined our Ethics Fellowship of Rotarians, and encouraging the realization of projects in education at all levels, always guided by highest moral values, starting from Early Childhood and prioitarizing ethical (moral values) education.

Contribute with all our efforts to spread out actions to improve the Rotary Image, so increasingly making Rotary an object of desire. In other words: redoubling our action aimbed towards inviting people of good character to join Rotary, as well as acting to expand the appreciation of Rotary, intensifying our compromise with to continually use The Four Way Test, always remembering that Ethics is its essence and synthesis.

We have been and continue being active participants at our RI Conventions in order with the aim to offer to all Rotarians the opportunity to join our Ethics Fellowship of Rotarians, with our goal to increase our membership in all Rotary Internatioal’s Zones, and reach at least 3 thousand active members by 2020/2021 and in this way give an ethical example everywhere, which will result in the entire humankind behaving always more ethically!

The interest that the Ethics theme has aroused among Rotarians in general is so expressive that weanticipate a great turnout at specif Breackout Session on Ethics at each of the coming RI Conventions, in Toronto, Hamburg, Honolulu, etc.

If you agree, why not express the desire with to the “Toronto Convention Committee”.

Kindly respond, as we’d greatly appreciate and will welcome your input, suggestions and points of view! Nothing more effective than working as a team. The building of an ethical society depends on a joint the dedication to it, starting from our example. For this to happen, two key ingredients are: Motivation and Interaction. “Give me a lever and I will move the world” (Archimedes). Ethics is the lever capable of doing evenmore than moving the world: it fills it with truth, justice, goodwill, dignity, and integrity and peace. This is our proposal and action for Rotary to make the Difference.

As we together endeavor multiply our energies and actions towards advancing towards an ethical world, we’re yours in Rotary service,

Board of Directors:
Sergio Levy, President (Brazil)
Adriana Fagotte, VP Secretariat (Brazil)
Marco Kapennberger, VP International Affaires (Samoa)
Ivo de Araujo, VP Communications/Marketing (Brazil)

Consulting Board:
José Jesús De la Cruz – (Mexico)
Marcelo Viana – (Brazil)
Liliane Venier – (Argentina)
Jorge Chandia – (Brazil)
Natascha Fagotte Belniaki – (Brazil)
Otto Wendland – (Germany)
Jackeline Musuoka – (Kenya)
Roberto Silva – Vice President (Licensed)



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