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Ethics, essence of Four-Way Test!

Ethics Fellowship of Rotarians

We are a Group of Rotarians who understand that Ethics is the Essence of Quadruple Proof, a Principle that cannot end and if applied to education based on moral values will be able to prevent corruption.

Our mission is to promote Ethics as the Essence of Quadruple Proof for Building a Just, True, Dignified, and Integral Society to make Rotary an Object of Desire.

Education based on ethical principles at all levels from early childhood will contribute to the construction of a true, just, dignified and wholesome society.

Our commitment is to serve humanity by encouraging the practice of ethical principles for building a just and supportive world.

Ethics, a principle that will always need to be lived and taught, especially more and more by example!

Ethics, essence of Four-Way Test!


Sergio Levy, President (Brazil)

Roberto Silva – Vice President (Licensed)


Adriana Fagotte, VP Secretariat (Brazil)
Marco Kapennberger, VP International Affaires (Samoa)
Ivo de Araujo, VP Communications/Marketing (Brazil)
Romauro A. Manz, Information Technology (Brazil)

advisory board

José Jesús De la Cruz – (Mexico)
Liliane Venier – (Argentina)
Jorge Chandia – (Brazil)
Natascha Fagotte Belniaki – (Brazil)
Otto Wendland – (Germany)
Jackeline Musuoka – (Kenya)